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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • My 14yr old daughter tells me that the new twilight movie sucks. That means that the project is pretty much dead. Time to cut ur losses ;-) #
  • As for all these nonsense DMs: Since people don’t get it someone needs to go after the app developers & annoy the heck out them to retaliate #
  • For all the people who think I don’t read replies or don’t react to them: I am just sparing you of the one on one clutter…u are lucky ;-) #
  • Apparently the exploding number of diabetics will drive health care cost through the roof. It sucks to pay for others ruining their health. #
  • How about replacing the word “hate” with “dislike” or “strongly dislike”? Wouldn’t that do in 99% of all cases? #
  • @NeilRaden Cases of diabetes are on the rise. I think it is due to the crap we choose to eat & what is available to us + less exercise in reply to NeilRaden #
  • @NeilRaden And of course it is a very controversial subject to judge others for becoming sick. But it might affect everyone’s bank account in reply to NeilRaden #
  • @NeilRaden Yes of course. Once we all get our hands on our own DNS each one of use is going to turn into an hypochondriac ;-) in reply to NeilRaden #
  • World Aids Day: This is the time to become a FB fan of http://www.facebook.com/southafricaproject – please share the link with ur friends #
  • @HarounKola @HeyJude408 Thanks for the RT. Today is a day for shaking the tree…. in reply to HeyJude408 #
  • @plan12660 Why are you sending my crap like that – not even as DM but in public? I just blocked you and so should everyone else. #
  • @neritia I am sorry there was a glitch. It will work now. I am looking forward to hearing from you. #
  • Freeze ur buns of marketing: North Face has a special sale in CO today: Every jacket is doubled in price but comes with free hand warmers:) #
  • Over 69 million FB users on Farmville? Give me break. Who has time for that? Is FB becoming the new home for part time workers? #
  • @snowkitten @LostBlackSheep It will be interesting to see where FB is in 2 or in 5 years. I wish I’d own that crystal ball ;-) in reply to snowkitten #
  • How about a law banning all sports celebrities from getting married as long as they are still “in office”. Or maybe some hormone treatment:) #
  • The wealthiest person in Switzerland? Ingvar Kamprad of course: 24bln Euros (a lot of dough). Bring IKEA to CO and we’ll double it up ;-) #
  • George Michael is cleaning up his act: He says he is down to 7 to 8 joints per day. Bravo!!! (Interview in The Guardian) #

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