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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • Did you know Mexico City is actually cleaning up his act? Bicycle lanes and metro bus lines are introduced on a large scale. Keep going! #
  • Snowy and icy roads in CO today. Why is that I see so many SUV’s involved in accidents? Feeling invincible? 4-wheel drive and sucky tires? #
  • This world is just full of wussies: 5F (-15C) outside & Starbucks is empty. Yes, times are tough but that’s no way to support our economy! #
  • MTV survey: 33% of all youth’s stated to have sent or received nude pics of themselves via MMS or email. What’s wrong with the other 67%? #
  • Hawaii is expecting the biggest waves for at least 5 years: 50ft. Anybody in the mood for a little surfing class? Should be fun ;-) #
  • How sorry do you feel for actors that make $20 million per movie & then go broke? Nicholas Cage will sure take ur Xmas donation. #
  • @danielJdoughty I guess the golden rule for celebrities is: stay away from things you don’t understand. Get a safe deposit box. in reply to danielJdoughty #
  • What are u doing to avoid Seesmic or Tweetdeck sucking all the power out of ur MacBook? I’m using Socialite at times but it’s no comparison #
  • @AdInfinitum Adobe Air was marketed as the hottest thing since sliced bread. But I end up with latency that’s just no fun. Pretty sucky. in reply to AdInfinitum #
  • I figured out the perfect diet: Eat less & work out more. Beware: it is not FDA approved yet. #
  • 20% of all Germans would cancel Xmas altogether. 1 in 6 admit that there is always some family fighting going on. Merry Xmas! #
  • Two ladies in a retirement home can’t agree on the positioning on a table. The 98 yr-old killed her 100-yr old roommate. Odd couple no more #
  • Just got FB connect working on two blogs. Had to add a redirect to .htaccess file to make it work. Braintwister. #
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