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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • Restructuring the defense budget will show us lobbying at its worst. U can already see many people barking. Only health care could be worse. #
  • Ex Peruvian President Fujimori (El Chino) was sentenced for murder & might be facing 30 yrs behind walls. Cell mates w. Abimael Guzmán? ;-) #
  • Kate Moss to write cook book. Working title: “How to overeat yourself to 85 lbs and not mistake powdered sugar for something else” #
  • 17,000 people in Italy lost their home & live in tents.Prime Minister Berlusconi tells them to take it like a camping vacation.He’s an idiot #
  • @estevaosoares The nicest thing I could say about #berlusconi is that he is a little insensitive. He’s also running Italy into the ground in reply to estevaosoares #
  • @by_designwise If he’d create an “eat cake” moment he’ll make sure his logos are stuck on the cake first and that the TV is there to cover in reply to by_designwise #
  • @scotsboyuk Didn’t Berlusconi call someone else colorful before? A book with his slips would be thicker than the dictionary. in reply to scotsboyuk #
  • A Dutch TV show runs a trial against Bin Laden re 9/11. Guess what? They acquitted him due to lack of evidence. We know they do smoke pot… #
  • @2v Actually Dutch TV shows are quite cutting edge. It is a small market & many shows are developed and tester there first & then hit the US in reply to 2v #
  • I tried to have a non-Twitter evening. I was in a quiet, remote place. People next to me talked about Twitter all night. No more escape :-( #
  • @almalovin I really wasn’t looking for a Tweetup tonight. But they seem to grow out of nowhere like mushrooms. Everywhere. At all times :-) in reply to almalovin #
  • @jordanchenard I think I’ll eventually get a restraining order on Twitter. I don’t want it everywhere I go :-) in reply to jordanchenard #
  • @almalovin Doesn’t it feel like they shouldn’t be talking? But then that’s very judgmental. Not everyone is on the same time line. #
  • @maxandcats Blown your hole night on what? Twitter? You can’t do that. There are no nights on Twitter since it is truly global ;-) in reply to maxandcats #
  • “Work zone – fines are doubled” – sounds lame to me. Why don’t we honor Stevie Ray Vaughn and just call it “double trouble” ? #
  • The pope is having a very generous day: He sent 500 (!) Easter eggs to the earthquake victims in Italy. Their PR department needs help! #
  • The victims need a little more than that. Even Silvio Berlusconi opened some of his mansions for the victims and he is hardly Mr. Sensitive #
  • @HansFredrik No,I am not kidding. I got this out of a rather reliable German paper. Can’t find the story in English yet. in reply to HansFredrik #
  • @FxNxRl The Pope also promised to bless the victims and offer them spiritual support – but only after Easter. No he won’t bring condoms. in reply to FxNxRl #
  • @SmithWill The church holding on to all its gold was the primary reason why I left 25 years ago. Now I have more reasons. in reply to SmithWill #
  • @HansFredrik Speechless is when I am using Twitter the most. I can still type – even if am speechless ;-) #
  • Fox is considering a reality show named “Someone’s gotta go”. Employees get to decide who gets fired. It saddens me just to think about this #
  • @raynelson A show about firing is kicking human dignity to the curb. And that’s what reality TV does. We need exactly the opposite. in reply to raynelson #
  • @JohnMeadows There are smart and insightful people in Hollywood as well. I wish some of them would speak up more and use some of their pull. in reply to JohnMeadows #
  • @ErkNJrk I suspect someone at the Vatican PR department must be atheist or nihilist and sabotages. I have no other explanation for all this. in reply to ErkNJrk #
  • I am with @z3rr0 at #unfollowpolicy – Magpie is a big red flag. One day I will take the time to be really diligent and clean house. #
  • Three sherpas are planning to spend 24 hours on top of Mount Everest. It’ll be a fun night. I am wondering if they bring their cigarettes. #
  • Did anyone say Happy Easter on Twitter yet? Well, then you don’t have to re-tweet this one and can put it straight in the garbage can. Enjoy #

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