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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • @pamdodd I have never set a foot in a Walmart and don’t plan on ever doing so. Therefore this is quite insightful to me. in reply to pamdodd #
  • The 787 Dreamliner is supposed to take off on Tuesday. Who else has projects taking off this week that are 3 years late? #
  • @JelleVanDun You’ve got many more projects off the ground in the meantime. The Dreamliner is pretty but it doesn’t measure up to ur work ;-) in reply to JelleVanDun #
  • As for Tiger Woo: I might just take some golf lessons & pick up some of his endorsement contracts. There is a void to be filled. #
  • Ctrl – makes me see more on Hootsuite. It runs in my browser and not on Adobe Air. That gives Seesmic and Tweetdeck a well deserved break #
  • I need to buy myself some presents and wrap them up quickly. This way I’ll forget what’s in them before the 24th. I am really that good ;-) #
  • The next 10 people that DM me their address will get a Xmas card from me. No matter who u are & where u are. #
  • Just for the records: I won’t use ur address for anything else. I am just not into all digital merry Xmas thing. The USPS must live as well. #
  • Just had to buy another 500 page notebook. I am working on my new year’s resolutions today. The first two notebooks are full. How are… #
  • Is the Chris Brown & Rihanna christmas album out yet? Couldn’t find it on Amazon. #
  • There is also some good news today: Catalonia has decided to ban bull fights. Hopefully the rest of Spain will follow one day… #
  • What do you tell sellers on Craigslist that are delusional about the value of their items? Get an Amazon reality check maybe? #
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