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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
A photo of a bear decoration for a Christmas tree.
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  • I asked the Twitterplex to add these followingsubdomains: celebrity-rip.twitter.com, weather.twitter.com, merryxmas.twitter.com #
  • Has the Blue Men Group sued James Cameron already? #
  • The two wealthiest sportsmen of the world are trading spaces: Tiger disappears in the dungeon and M. Schumacher is back in Formula 1. #
  • Some people just post too much stuff on Twitter. But some people also can’t keep their mouth shut in real life. #
  • Bummer. I should have had Christmas on the 23rd this year. My trash guys are coming on Thursdays. They could have taken my tree. #
  • The DNA of fur trees countains 7 times more information than our human DNA. Be nice to that complex creature in your living room. #
  • Are you broke after Xmas? Then don’t watch this 2 1/2 minute video. It’s two yrs old but unfortunately still applies:… #
  • Did you know that Karl V. wrote over 130,000 letters in the 1500’s? Just imagine he’d have had access to Twitter, SMS or FB ;-) #
  • I prefer white Christmas over black friday. Why can’t we have another day of peace and quiet without people running around like crazy? #
  • As for new flight security rules: I am wondering how much longer it will take until we all fly naked. Trains, ships & automobiles… #
  • An 86 yr-old Indian governor quits after a sex video with him & 3 women pops up. What are the men in the rest of the world doing wrong? #
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