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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • Are Legos still allowed on internartional flights? I think I’ll start with a $400 Star Wars piece called “death star”. It’ll keep me busy ;) #
  • @JelleVanDun You and I should fly together one time and put that Lego Star together. Amsterdam – Detroit maybe? in reply to JelleVanDun #
  • Welcome back in the headlines Iran! Let’s hope you stay there for a little longer. But just as long as you have to. Peace. #
  • Alex Freyre & José Maria Di Bello got married at the very southern tip of Argentina today. It was the first gay marriage in Latin America. #
  • I asked our fans what FB feature they miss the most. Take a look: http://www.facebook.com/conceptbakery #
  • What if Apple wouldn’t introduce a tablet device in January and just introduces iPizza instead? Who will get hanged in the tree? #
  • @zard People definitely want Mr. Jobs to give them something flat that they can touch. A pizza or a zen garden would be good ideas… in reply to zard #
  • Airport securities have received 25 million job applications in three days. Naked view scanners are coming… #
  • Is there anything postive that has come out of lobbyism in 2009? And why don’t we call it corruption in the first place? #
  • @SmithWill It doesn’t sound like you are fishing for a new job in the greater Washington area either ;-) in reply to SmithWill #
  • U already know this: tonight is actually a really good night to pretty much obey every traffic law there is ;-) #
  • Starbucks is having a hangover special today: you should all try out their triple-shot skinny Bloody Mary with extra celery. Zoom zoom zoom. #
  • @Carolucky Of course. There is a huge line outside Starbucks going twice around the block and people buy it in gallon canisters ;-) in reply to Carolucky #
  • Do not tell me that you are already back to same old same old. Stay present, stay conscious, keep ur ego in check, u can do it! #
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