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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • A dream come true for 60 British guys in a pub in Yorkshire: They got totally snowed in on New Year’s eve and had to stay 3 more days :) #
  • To me buying a kindle feels like buying a $500 “smart phone” without web access. Sorry, 25 bucks is the max I’d ever pay. Rip me a new one! #
  • Sorry I didn’t post from the slopes yesterday. The snow conditions in Keystone would have been highly relevant to the entire world – not ;) #
  • @JebDickerson Sorry needed my fix – no time for pics. Top to bottom skiing only. I’d have only stopped for some bombshell falling down :) in reply to JebDickerson #
  • Why can’t MS release a new version of Office for PC & Mac at the same time? Would give them way more hoopla & be more cohesive #
  • Please let me know if anyone knows of some kick-ass vacation rental deal in the Dillon – Beaver Creek area for early March (5 nights) #
  • Who would have thought 3yrs ago that Apple & Google would be the main players in the mobile market? Carriers look like innocent bystanders;) #
  • Over 200k Prius sold on Japan in ’09. One minor problem: If we sell a more hybrids we’ll run out of Nickel. No one talks much about that #
  • Least popular cars in Germany: Caddilac CTS (31 sold in ’09), Subaru Tribeca (39), Lexus LS (59!), Escalade (61), plus some Chinese garbage #
  • @SmithWill Thanks for your wisdom. I was wrong. It is lithium that is in short supply and that will affect the next gen batteries in reply to SmithWill #
  • @SmithWill Lithium/Ion batteries are the hot ticket item for car manufactuers. But there is only an estimated annual supply for about 1.5… in reply to SmithWill #
  • Here is a pic of the most deformed car I’ve ever seen. It has not been in an accident. Peugot study car BB1 http://ow.ly/Uz72 #
  • @SmithWill I am looking at it for 2 days now and can’t decide either ;-) #
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