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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • Cambridge offered 14 year-old math genius Arran Fernandez to study at their little shack. I wonder what his online dating profile looks… #
  • How would u feel if u’d loose ur job just because ur wife’s affair with a 19 yr-old? Grateful 4 this wonderful world? I feel 4 Mr. Robinson #
  • @Sneetch Sure he is still on the job – 6 week hiatus. The whole story is just one big tragedy, for the family but also on a larger scale in reply to Sneetch #
  • @Sneetch Someone with a bad sense of humor might suggest that Mrs. Robinson would have rather belonged into the NBA or NFL. in reply to Sneetch #
  • Sarah Palin signed up with Fox. I just called ComCast and asked them for a 100% discount on my cable bill. I was caller # 12,567 in line :) #
  • @busymomblog You are reading your feed and that’s a plus. You will cetainly succed without following me. Peace :) in reply to busymomblog #
  • RT @DaveTaylor: Donate $$ and help children affected by the terrible Haitian earthquake at UNICEF: http://bit.ly/8vnwo2 #haiti #
  • State of emergency is a stretchy & sometimes overused term these days. Haiti DOES have a state of emergency. #
  • Pat Robertson: Haitians “swore a pact to the devil” – I had to choke when I read this. Why don’t you go home and never come back? #
  • @kerrymdavis The timing for Pat Robertson’s comment was a little off, to say the least. #
  • Help for Haiti: Donate $10 to be charged to your cell phone bill by texting “HAITI” to “90999.” Goes to the Red Cross. How hard is that? #
  • Many religious leaders overestimate their power to indoctrinate people. It shows how human they all are.
    #patrobertson #
  • Dropped text messages can be recipes for disaster. I wonder how many breakups they already caused. I hope this won’t lead to WWIII one day #
  • Julia Iglesias couldn’t perform without sex prior to the show (years ago). Nice excuse for infedility: “Honey I had to support the family” #
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