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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • 60 Minutes had some horrible footage tonight. Anyone trained to work with trauma patients will have work for many years to come #
  • I had many people tell me last week that “they don’t get Twitter” . I get that. There is world without it for many people & that’s just fine #
  • What do u tell people that state that they don’t have time to read but then watch 3 hours of TV per day? At least watch some indie flicks? #
  • Apparently Afghans spend 25% of their income on bribes. I guess there must be a lot of Starbucks gift cards changing hands ;) #
  • I wish I would have place a bet a year ago that a Republican would become Senator of Massuchsetts. I’d be set for life. #
  • Breaking up banks into smaller entities? YES PLEASE. It would be nice to unwind all the M & A’s of the last 20 years. Dream on Klaus ;) #
  • I can’t believe how much useless crap there is in the Top 25 free iPhone apps. There shold be a non-gamer version of that list #
  • Skydiver Felix Baumgartner seeks to break sound barrier. Jumping from 120,000 ft? Now, that’s a nice recreational activity http://ow.ly/Ztgj #
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