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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • Is there a Facebook for dead people yet? There should be a way to maintain your brand from the cloud. #
  • I just totally randomly ran into the awesome @heizusan at Paris on the Platte. I’m glad Denver is such a little village. #
  • If u tell Mr. Jobs about new features u want for any of ur Apples he might still get it done by Wednesday. He is good at turning up the heat #
  • @kevinquillen Capslock on the iPhone? Do you like yelling at people? :) 1 800 U WISH is always a good place to start ;) in reply to kevinquillen #
  • 4 new team members at conceptbakery in the next 2 1/2 weeks. I am excited :) #
  • Did you hear the new German EU Commissioner speak English yet? It appears to be stand up comedy; unfortunately it isn’t: http://ow.ly/10pdn #
  • Saab purchased by Spyker in the very last minute. Future will tell if that’s really a save or just a fumble. #
  • Steve Jobs talking while I am on a plane. That’s just great ;) #
  • Did u hear about the kid in Spain that thought it was funny to go to school in a fully rambo outfit incl. a fake rifle? What a bright bulb! #
  • @DarrellBrogdon The guy is 22. The other students thought he is for real & called the cops on him. I’d imagine u were a little less scary ;) in reply to DarrellBrogdon #
  • I am in the past row to the left on my flight home. That’s where the real bad boys are sitting. Time to put on my mean look. #
  • What’s your estimate in the cost of Toyota’s total recall? 1.8 mln cars affected. Parts, labor, lawsuits, lost sales…this tab will add up. #
  • I am afraid Apple is might loose some impulse buyers for the iPad over the next 2 months. Is it a timesaver or a timesucker? Think twice ;) #
  • ebays’ seller fees skyrocketed to 9%. That’s like paying sales tax – just the seller has to pay it and eBay is your new secondary IRS. #
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