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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • Pirates couldn’t keep him in check: Captain Richard Philipps is free again. He is an escape artist. I wouldn’t want him in my prison ;-) #
  • Number of the week: Simbabwe’s inflation rate is 230 million percent !!! Well done Mr. Mugabe. They are abolishing their currency altogether #
  • @lynj65 Sticking pirates in prison? Nah. This is an medieval business & should receive medieval sentencing: Flying dutchman for starters… #
  • A recall for cars – ok. But for a Phillips Senseo Coffe maker? Got one? Apparently u are lucky to still be alive ;-) http://twurl.nl/3bge27 #
  • Taliban killed a couple in Afghanistan – because their parents didn’t agree to a marriage. How many of us would be dead under these rules? #
  • It is insane how much the number of speed control has increased in Colorado. Are we really that broke? I’m waiting for one in my driveway;-) #
  • @MariaSimone @snowkitten @lmckeogh I understand the police needs $$$ but this over the edge. I haven’t gotten a ticket in 11 yrs but still.. in reply to MariaSimone #
  • Some guys should go straight to hell bottom floor: A man in Germany hits a 13 yr old girl with his car & then rapes her. I want to kick him #
  • I am in LA right now. Maybe it is just me but it feels like traffic has improved a bit. There are less people on the road than 3 yrs ago. #
  • 3 feet of snow in the foothills in CO? I just bought a convertible. Perfect timing : -) I guess it is called: Give it “spin”… #
  • @douglaswelch I’ve been driving in LA for 2 days now & had pleasant surprises. My drives took less long compared to when I used to live here in reply to douglaswelch #
  • At a friend’s house: “Small” TV 68″ and the big screen 100″ – those two combined must suck more power than all devices in my entire home ;-) #
  • Too much free speech can hurt: German Telekom is pulling the plug on Facebook ads – because they show next to Hitler fan pages. Ur call Zuck #
  • Only in LA: There is so much botox in the air that my wrinkles are gone just from breathing it in. My face looks like a polished shoe :-) #
  • I must endure the LA sun now. 90 degree weather will turn me into a tomato. I guess it is called a peel & will finish off my makeover. See u #

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