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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • I get to notice first-hand that South Africa is finally moving into the spot light. People keep calling about how to get involved. Good… #
  • Why do presidents age so quickly in office? Trips like Obama's night visit to Kabul aren't exactly rejuvenating. Grueling schedule. #
  • @littlefoxy I wish there would be one truly peaceful way to stop these people and cure there paranoias. I just don't see one :( #
  • Going green. Here are some pics of our new Cologne office. Ignore the German text and scroll down. Neat! http://ow.ly/1s9nO #
  • 8 bln or about 11 percent of the Californian budget goes to the state prison system. That more than they spend on education. #
  • In case you are still eating with your fingers: Woot has a flatware collection for you today. Very geeky…not ;) Gimme some gadgets! #
  • Belgium is calling the Burka a walking prison and is about to pass a law that will ban it. No exceptions for Halloween: http://ow.ly/1tbfy #
  • Gotta love Google's logo for today. In case you haven't "topekad" yet this morning ;) #
  • Payday for hedge funds sets new record. Hello everyone: We are being robbed here!!! When is this going to end? http://ow.ly/1tEUz #
  • Just had a dismal experience with #priceline customer service. Bought travel insurance that's worth nothing. $ are lost. I'm done with them #
  • I will take confessions for all world religions today from 12 – 12:30. Just send me a DM. Ahh, make it a tweet. Who needs privacy any more? #
  • @smithwill 3 rosarys for you. May the Twitters gods bless you ;) in reply to smithwill #

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