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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • German minister of defense: "The situation in Afghanistan could be called war in layman's terms." What a bright bulb u are ! #
  • My Latin sucks but here is what Urbi et Orbi meant in plain words today: "Happy Easter to all past, current & future child-abusing priests." #
  • 4 goals of Lionel Messi against Arsenal? It sounds like he stole Harry Potters invisible cloak. That's like Kobe scoring 80 points, #
  • $3.4 bln loss at GM in 4th qtr '09. The cars still suck & people won't start buying them until that changes. More pain to come… #
  • Bayern Munich sends Manchester United packing. Why is that the right thing? They control their own fate and aren't owned by investors. Good! #
  • @zard Right on. I think foreign cars look better as well but that's a matter of taste. in reply to zard #
  • Just downloaded the World Cup calendar into iCal. I am all set. The hype starts in May, the games on June 12. Work will resume on July 13 ;) #
  • @DaveTaylor Here is a link for an iCal World Cup calendar. It ends at the quarter finals. U have to enter 4 games urself: http://ow.ly/1vSfd in reply to DaveTaylor #
  • @DaveTaylor Get an intern :) in reply to DaveTaylor #
  • @imjinnie @DaveTaylor @dmdelisle I wish I could have joined that lovely conversation going on behind my back. See u next time :) in reply to imjinnie #
  • Elections in Hungary tomorrow. Openly anti-semitic & anti-roma party Jobbik expected to win 13% or more of the votes. Some guys never learn #
  • A Facebook page we built was just prominently show in German prime time TV. Fans went up from 500 to 1400 in 5 mins. Neat. #
  • @hogbiker What's next? Drive thru hair dressers? Drive thru dentists? Drive thru body waxing? in reply to hogbiker #
  • Now is a great time to sign up for Bebo. At least you can say you've been on there before AOL pulls the plug ;) #

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