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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • 1 trillion to rescue Europe? That will create more debt and vulnerabiliy. Unless we stop the speculators they'll rip this apart as well. #
  • Jacob Zuma asked the UK government to supply 1bln condoms. I guess that's meant to cover the needs of the English soccer team ;) #
  • U can sing yourself into the 2010 Tony Awards. Hooray! Imagine the poor suckers that have to review all the application videos :) #
  • Please let me know if u have any contacts into the publishing business. Our FB marketing book will be translated in 2 weeks. DM's please :) #
  • Facebook's privacy rules grew from 1004 to 5830 words in 5yrs. By 2081 they'll have reached the volume of the 1st Harry Potter book :) #

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