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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • 6 weeks vacation in Germany sound great, right? Not if you are an employer and 1/2 of your staff is gone through the summer. #
  • My long-term memory goes back exactly 5 yrs. Today is YouTube's 5-yr b-day & I don't remember them not being around ;) #
  • @BrettGreene U just don't pick up the phone & wonder how many client's you'll loose ;) Seriously: U just gotta wing it. in reply to BrettGreene #
  • The captain of the German soccer team is inured & that's dominating all headlines. It is World Cup time. Nothing else seems to matter. #
  • British humor: BBC host Danny Kelly plays the anthem in the midst of his show & declares the Queen dead. She is obviously not amused. #
  • Awesome list of the biggest liquid calorie bombs & how much yummie goodies you could eat instead http://ht.ly/1ME6o #
  • As for the FB walkout day on 5/31: I'd much rather propose an IE walkout day. Friends don't let friends use IE :) #
  • A Nigerian politician swallowed 2 Kilo's of Cocain & tried to make it to Frankfurt. He said his last campaign was too expensive. Wacky #
  • Which teams are going to suck the most at the World Cup? North Korea? Greece? New Zealand? Honduras? Your pick? #
  • @zard Are you referring to the fact the the English team hasn't won in 44 years? That's still better than the Red Socks ;) in reply to zard #
  • @zard U clearly understand the bond between sports & suffering ;) To me all the passion, despair etc. is as big as the action on the field in reply to zard #
  • Can we stop the lying and ignorance around the oil spill? Let's just face it: This might well be the worst ecological disaster in history. #
  • Playing Pacman on Google? Another birthday celebration. Google is getting really creative with their constant logo changes. Congrats. #
  • @emcarx Productivity in our office is also signicantly down ;) in reply to emcarx #
  • @ashleykingsley Maybe add Google Buzz to gain some more clarity :) in reply to ashleykingsley #

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