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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • Mr. Obama has 1 little problem. It has a stubbly face & keeps questioning Israel’s right to exist.Happy negotiating. I’d prefer a root canal #
  • Bad loan write-offs to continue: IWF forcasts 4 Trillion in losses for banks & insurers in the US, Europe & Japan. That amount just doubled. #
  • Lonely days for the Greek gods. Tourism in Greece is totally tanking. Hotels to open later this year,. 10,000’s lost their jobs already. #
  • Sometimes woot.com offers weird stuff. A wireless weather station for PC??? Maybe Steve Martin should have been using it in the LA Story? #
  • @Edu4U LA Story is indeed a classic one. I don’t want to take away from @davetaylor and his movie channel @filmbuzz though. He’s the expert in reply to Edu4U #
  • Porsche is apparently struggling to finance the takeover of VW. That is a major blow to the biggest Automotive success story of 2008. #
  • Me purchasing another Mac obviously helped: Apple’s net profit up 15% in 1st qtr. But the free battery replacement somehow offset that again #
  • Over 200 million new trees have grown in super-dry Niger over the last years. They cover an area the size of the Netherlands. Remarkable. #
  • @Jnobianchi I just read it in a German paper. Google for Chris Reij – he wrote a book and has covered the story for 20 years. in reply to Jnobianchi #
  • @Jnobianchi Neighboring Mali and Burkina Faso are doing similar things. The farmers learned that it benefits them to plant trees. Good stuff in reply to Jnobianchi #
  • In case you are planning to go to Europe this summer (I do). Prices to Germany justed plummeted $200 on Orbitz for June. $617 round trip ;-) #
  • Today is my “share good news Friday”… #
  • @Sigriddiva The way the economy goes the airlines will eventually pay u to go anywhere. Just so their on-board staff doesn’t feel so lonely in reply to Sigriddiva #
  • @Sigriddiva I was flying a lot through desert storm . Planes were deserted. I definitely did get a lot of one-on-one time tks to Mr. Hussein in reply to Sigriddiva #
  • California & Washington are both broke. Who’ll pick up the tab if that big CA earthquake ever hits?Let’s hope the money printing still works #
  • Does anyone have connections to Virgin Atlantic? I’m planning to fly to South Africa for our non-profit & could use a contact re sponsoring #
  • A Swiss insurance employee stayed home because of migrane. Her employer noticed that she was on Facebook that same day. She got fired. #
  • @texancheermom True story. It is a very hairy subject & not a straight yes/no to me. I know people who where on FB straight out of the ER;-) in reply to texancheermom #
  • @HansFredrik The law in many countries says that u can do whatever doesn’t harm ur recovery. That was all written before social media days in reply to HansFredrik #
  • Here is a link to the Swiss worker being fired over FB use while being sick: http://twurl.nl/iqnuz8 #
  • Interested in South Africa? Take a look at Helen Zille – new governor of the Western Cape province. Impressive story http://twurl.nl/phjiaq #
  • @HansFredrik Very good point. This case is only the tip of the iceberg. I can already see private detectives specializing in social media in reply to HansFredrik #

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