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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • Our Facebok marketing book is gettiing some nice reviews in Germany. People actually like it :) #
  • @karmkhanna Hey Karm, I've been too tied up to find a publisher. It's being translated right now. Hopefully u'll get one soon… in reply to karmkhanna #
  • Nice collecction of Sao Paolo graffiti art – ingore the German captions – http://ht.ly/1PzFm #
  • @DaveTaylor How about Ghetto Woman by B.B. King? Nice subtle hint instead of a dozen long stemmed roses? in reply to DaveTaylor #
  • We are all humming along in the office today. A new team member is starting tomorrow and are all excited for her to join us :) #
  • I just got a severe weather alert. It is a tornado warning in effect for the next 15 minutes. Come on you litte breeze: BRING IT!!! #
  • @DaveTaylor I'll just hide in the basement. That where my higher power is usually residing as well ;) in reply to DaveTaylor #
  • I got an email addressing me as "Dear Muslim Brother or Sister". Did anyone sign me up? I also get Men's Health Magazine" & didn't sign up;) #
  • Best find in a long time: 25 horribly sexist vintage ads. What’s so horrible if everybody cracks up? http://ht.ly/1RduA #
  • I just saw a 60 yr-old guy with a Mickey Mouse hat garnished with led lights. I am in downtown Boudler. That's pretty self explanatory;) #

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