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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • Global Peace Index Map: http://ht.ly/1VBpO – use it to pick your next vacation destination. #
  • I just realized that I get to watch the Colorado sunrise for three 3 weeks straight. The World Cup group games start at 5:30 AM local time:) #
  • Only in China: Turning a Golden Retriever into a Tiger by dying its fur: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21134540/vp/37569041#37569041 #
  • Sorry analysts. I would never spend 5-10k on any "industry report". I just don't think other people are that much smarter in compiling data. #
  • Fighting AIDS with soccer. Great coverage for Triad in the NYT. They do awesome work and totally deserve this: http://ht.ly/1WZZ3 #
  • @pamdodd Very true. I am just asking me what these guys have in their sleeve that u and I couldn't come up with after a bit of thinking in reply to pamdodd #
  • @DaveTaylor You call that a heavy hailstorm? You are so LA! in reply to DaveTaylor #
  • I hate to say it but the vuvuzelas are highly annoying & will be a discussion topic. It sounds like a giant bee hive is circling the stadium #
  • Funny list on how to pick ur favorite team for the World Cup: http://ht.ly/1XeXc #
  • The vuvuzelas are truly pathetic. South Africa scores and you hear no difference in noise at all. This totally sucks!!! #
  • Outraged about the vuvuzelas: There is a company out there that created the biggest eco disaster of all times. Be a little mad at them too #
  • I just voted to ban the vuvuzela http://www.banvuvuzela.com/index.asp http://twitpic.com/1wgqga #
  • I also sent an email to FIFA sending them my vote about the vuvuzela: http://www.fifa.com/contact/form.html #
  • @seppblatter Dear Sepp, I know you must be reading this ;) We know you don't care about a popular vote but the sponsors are running away #

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