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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • The German soccer team brought beauty to the world. That was a very inspiring performance & hopefully others will follow suit. #
  • @Octane I totally agree. But ther eare many days when stronger teams (incl. Germany) are having trouble with opponents like this. in reply to Octane #
  • Here is a genious business idea for u: Ever thought about setting up a sign language university in South Africa? Go for it! #
  • @Octane I hope we'll see some African fun performances. So far it's been rather uninspiring to me. All these European coaches ;) in reply to Octane #
  • @smithwill But the poor lawyers are the victims. All the time away from their families counting $$$ takes time. Huge sacrifice. in reply to smithwill #
  • I used to drink my coffee at Starbucks while I was logging into ATT. With that being gone am in trouble. I suck at multitasking and might… #
  • @nerfsqueezer Sometimes it used to take quite a while to log into ATT. Now with free wifi for all that waiting period is gone… in reply to nerfsqueezer #
  • A couple gets married at Home Depot http://ht.ly/1ZKl4 I am wondering where their honeymoon will take place? A construction site maybe? #
  • I am busy liking comments today. Please do not disturb ;) #
  • Kadja Nin at the Boulder Theatre tomorrow night. I'll be there…time for something worldly besides the World Cup… #
  • Missing feature on Facebook: I like that xyz (as in YOU) liked my comment. Threaded likes would also be awesome. No more words, just likes. #
  • @ashleykingsley That's what you get for not hanging out at the graveyard ;) in reply to ashleykingsley #
  • @ashleykingsley Too bad you are taken and have to pass if your Harold is walking by :( in reply to ashleykingsley #
  • Let's hope LA doesn't get torn apart tonight. Some guys always have serious trouble celebrating. I'm glad the ugly martians didn't win :) #
  • Staples Center felt like a silent meditation temple compared to Soccer City in Johannesburg. #
  • Amazing sprit of the US boys. Gotta love it! Viewer ratings at ESPN totally up. We are finally, slowly becoming a soccer country :) #
  • @DaveTaylor I hope that disallowed goal won't bite us in the long run. These guys deserve to advance to the next round. in reply to DaveTaylor #
  • Forza New Zealand! I love all the unexpected results at the World Cup. Nothing is for granted. Awesome. #
  • I love how much ABC and ESPN are throwing themselves behind the World Cup. The coverage has gotten so much better! Very encouraging #

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