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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • Less space in the N. Korean gulags: A bunch of soccer players plus their coaches will be arriving soon. #
  • @brianblahg It's the European Union now. Imagine the French, English, Italian & German team all coming home this weekend ;) in reply to brianblahg #
  • @remdotco I am sure the security at the youth hostel they are staying in has already been tightened. Portugal should offer shelter to them in reply to remdotco #
  • The real tragedy about the French soccer clowns: The Irish would have played their guts out & should have been there; not these stooges #
  • @karmkhanna They should fly in the Irish & have them play the last game. Remember the Danish coming from the beach to win the Euro in 92? in reply to karmkhanna #
  • The French government leased Robben Island for the next 25 years to accommodate their soccer players before their return home :) #
  • @remdotco I think South Africa made the best out of their situation. No need to cruzify them. Not facing Argentina can be a blessing. in reply to remdotco #
  • Did you see the French coach refusing to shake hands with the South African coach? Way to finish off the trainwreck! #
  • #iamclosetoaheartattack because of #usamissinggoal & all the other #worldcupdrama A #funday it is. There u have all my hashtags for 2010 :) #
  • Holy cow! #
  • I still feel very tense. Like in: "I AM RELAXED GODDAMNED!" I need to go for a warm-down run now. See you on the trails. #
  • It was very noticable how the Italian team took their defeat: The actually accepted it and didn't bitch or whine. That's a good beginning #

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