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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • As for the World Cup: The more I watch the more I get sucked in. That will soon come to an end. Cold turkey is around the corner. #
  • @beaublackwell The refs mistakes are deeply frustrating and it happens in almost every game right now. This has to change. #
  • Great move by a German town Riesa: They decided to rename the street with the right extremists' headquarters to "Sibling Scholl Street" #
  • @beaublackwell The problem is that Blatter is pretty much untouchable. One of the few big dictators left on earth. His mind is set. in reply to beaublackwell #
  • I guess with the ruling of the supreme court there won't be any more illegal fireworks on 4th of July. Great day to try out a new toy. #
  • @beaublackwell I think Blatter follows our conversation ;) A chip in the ball still wouldn't have prevented the offsite errors though. in reply to beaublackwell #
  • Google is rumored to launch a social network while Facebook is focusing more on search. That's what happens if you poach each other's staff #
  • @reneehendricks I am sure you influence way more people then the few you listed here ;) in reply to reneehendricks #
  • The Nigerian president suspends their soccer team for the next 2 years. I might be a little while until Nigeria gets to host the World Cup #
  • I still run a 3GS on T-Mobile. Upgrading to 4.0 was a breeze. I get 99% of my data on wifi. Edge is slow but at least it works. #
  • @subq There is not a lot of mania going on in my world. I feel asleep during the first movie after laughing for 30 mins and that was that. in reply to subq #
  • Let's hope we get to see some epic soccer matches today and tomorrow. May the best teams win and the refs stay out of it. Play nice. #
  • @gwensutton They've been abusing their 15 mins of fame just a little to much. I'd rather have them thank their moms in a pre-game speech ;) in reply to gwensutton #
  • In his heydays Ruud Gullit had more hair on top of his head than the entire 2010 oranje boven alltogether. They all look like marines. #
  • @anpl32 Funny :) The "jarheads" are looking pretty good right now ;) in reply to anpl32 #
  • @DaveTaylor I would. Time for the Brazilian acting crew and their lead director to go home. I am done with all that whining & complaining #
  • Just imagine the amount of witchcraft going on all over Africa right now. #
  • Wow. What a game. This is why this is the biggest sports event in the world. 2 prior World Champions will be in the final 4 of the World Cup #
  • @JelleVanDun Thanks Jelle. I've been hoping for this final to come for a long time. Let's keep our fingers crossed! in reply to JelleVanDun #
  • The World Cup will be over in a week from now. It is about time to get a life again. #

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