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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • As for ebook outselling physical books on Amazon: It is one of few areas where instant gratification won't for me. I still want my book. #
  • Apple claims that they could loose $175m this yr due to free bumpers (4g). They cost less than $1 to make. Cost doesn't equal lost revenue. #
  • @benedictkelly They should all take some accounting classes. I am not a CPA – just using a little common sense ;) in reply to benedictkelly #
  • Mike Bloomberg and Dave Cameron having a fine lunch together. Nice diversion from sucky English food ;) http://ht.ly/2ffDr #
  • My neighbor fell in love with his chainsaw. I can see marriage trouble in the horizon. She certainly gets much more attention than her ;) #
  • @mtabini Oh you should see those two. It's getting out and steamy over there :) in reply to mtabini #

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