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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • I’ve been doing things before that hurt people & weren’t funny. But I did not fly Air Force One over Manhattan. Who had that great idea? #
  • @SmithWill I mean really. They couldn’t come up with a better plan than to fly a 747 right over the heads of people in NYC? It caused havoc. in reply to SmithWill #
  • @SmithWill Jerry Fletcher, Mel Gibson’s character in Conspiracy Theory, will have all the answers for us.I’m waiting for his next newsletter in reply to SmithWill #
  • IAA in Frankfurt : Car manufacturers booked 25% less space compared to the last show 2 yrs ago. At least they’re still coming to the #1 show #
  • Unions & employees taking responsibility. Pending plan for Chrysler: 35% Fiat, 10% Government/Creditors, 55% UAW.If they fumble it’s on them #
  • Obama’s presidency apparently leads to a shift in how people perceive race relations in the US: http://twurl.nl/t102rk – very good news #
  • One of our movie producers is trying to shoot a video this week. It is not that easy. He lives in Mexico City. Nothing goes down there… #
  • Encouraging news from Mexico: Number of swine flu related deaths much lower than previously thought. Major plus for power travelers… #
  • @brooksie68 I found this at German site Spiegel.de Apparently the Mexican Health Department speaks of 7 deaths now not 159 any longer… in reply to brooksie68 #
  • @brooksie68 The Mexican Health Department says that many of the other death cases were just regular cases that are unrelated to swine flu. in reply to brooksie68 #
  • @brooksie68 http://twurl.nl/35u8ln This is the link to the story in German language :-( I haven’t found anything in English yet… in reply to brooksie68 #
  • Here is the swine flu update in English http://twurl.nl/vwk6we Number of deaths lowered from 159 to 7 – I hope those number are true #
  • @DaveTaylor Just to be clear here: Flying to Lourdes is not some sort of a pilgrimage – I friend will pick me up & I’ll get out ASAP in reply to DaveTaylor #
  • Kenyan women go on sex strike trying to force politicians to talk: http://twurl.nl/6e3jns U might see a lot of Kenyan men on match.com soon #
  • @BrettGreene We don’t u make it 1/2 gallon of Tequila instead? I’ll be at #igniteboulder so I know u must be nervous. Loosen up a little :-) in reply to BrettGreene #
  • Did you know that 60% of all Twitter users are gone again within a month? Keep that in mind when you see Twitter stats . This # is too low. #
  • I am at #igniteboulder. No worries. I won’t be twittering the event. 499 other people already do ;-) #
  • 10 mile/hour electric wheelchairs are useful. But not if you take a wrong turn & end up on the freeway. An 80-yr old in Germany did it ;-) #
  • Iran: 177 death penalties executed in 2006, 335 in ’07, 346 in ’08, 120 in the first 2 1/2 months of ’09. Second in the world after China #
  • @JayGaddis Thanks for the flowers. You picked up a lot of speed in no time! Your relevant Tweets and Facebook comments do make a difference! #
  • Love is all around: A drunk couple had sex in the park across from Windsor castle. Sunday afternoon – bright daylight. Fatal attraction? #

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