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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • In response to Putin riding a Harley trike on the Krim, Obama should drive a Moskwitsch through Alaska ;) #
  • @doylealbee Palins? I think they are too busy with themselves and their author / neighbor spying on them. in reply to doylealbee #
  • You know it is hot when the candles on your patio are melting without you lighting them. The heat is on. Time for a run :) #
  • I felt like FB broke or my browser was playing a trick on me when I tried to post this morning. One extra click to update my status :( #
  • What's the message Obama is sending us by going after Wikileaks with full force? Shut up or die? Not exactly democracy at its best. #
  • World Cup follow up – North Korea's joyful homecoming: "subjected to ideological criticism for six hours" http://ht.ly/2iUMf #
  • A fly is bugging my one dog. This fly doesn't know yet that frogs in yellow lab fur coat DO exist. Watch out 6 legged friend! #
  • @gwensutton I am in Elis Regina mode tonight but I'll sure check him out tomorrow. Norman Brown has recorded some great tunes… in reply to gwensutton #
  • By what day are you going to end up with 5k FB friends? I just did the math and I'll be there in 2123. That's soon enough. #
  • @DarlaDixon I loose 2 friends for every 3 I make. At that current rate im in totally safe territory and still know my usual FB suspects :) #
  • @DarlaDixon I make an effort to meet some people through FB but really get to know them. People have to beware: I live close to an airport. in reply to DarlaDixon #

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