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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • NYT: Opinion on what needs to be done in Afghanistan by Mitchell LaFortune who was deployed twice. Sounds like a plan http://ht.ly/2jzYI #
  • Multitasking on iPhone 3GS: People were complaining about echo, battery life was dismal & it froze. I just disabled it. #
  • Google Buzz? Google Wave? Maybe some social media "gurus" might get a little more cautious to shout "game changing revolution" right away. #
  • @JayFleischman Are you referring to the crowd going nuts whenever there is a new toy around? in reply to JayFleischman #
  • @ashleykingsley They don't need it to combat the oil "spill" any longer. Don't get a buzz cut. in reply to ashleykingsley #
  • Chuchito Valdes at the Boulder Theater tonight. Front row seats. Good latin times! #
  • Playing with the Vonage for FB app. So far so good. Toktumi is still my preferred VOIP tool though. #
  • What does just unlocking a badge on Foursquare do for me? Absolutely nothing. Show me the money baby! #
  • I already know that I'll be scratching my head tonight and ask myself "where did this day go?". It's all good though. #

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