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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • I've owned a used Beetle Turbo for 2 months now. When I take cost and fun into consideration then it is the best car I ever owned. #
  • We just had a fierce argument over putting a cherrie pie in the fridge or not. The baker got overruled by the eaters. It's in the fridge :) #
  • Ever tried unsubscribing from eHarmony? It takes twice as long as signing up. I had to call them. And now they send me renewal emails. #
  • @eHarmony_jack I think I finally stopped all promotional emails. The girl I am seeing is still in the process of figuring out how to cancel. in reply to eHarmony_jack #
  • @eHarmony_jack Thanks Jack. She has ur phone #. She doesn't use Twitter. Yes we met through u and one day we'll share the story ;) in reply to eHarmony_jack #
  • Gluten-free times ahead: Apparently we are facing a shortage of wheat (it's burning away in Russia). So now is the time to start ur diet ;) #
  • @littlefoxy It is not a pretty sight. Add the floodings in Pakistan & we have two eco-disasters at our hands. 2 much water & 2 litte of it:( in reply to littlefoxy #
  • @littlefoxy Oh right, the "spill". No more fish, no more bread. So the fishburger is really going the roof then. Time to buy & freeze them;) in reply to littlefoxy #
  • @eHarmony_jack I unsubscribed from all emails this morning & just got another promotional offer from you. I laugh but not everyone else will in reply to eHarmony_jack #
  • What's on your secret wish list of things to eat today? Maybe a doughnut burger from Rub BBQ? Yuck! http://ht.ly/2o8r0 #
  • En route to Germany. Party. Work. More party. More work. U get the drill… #

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