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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • $1 domain names at godaddy.com – only 1 domain per account http://ht.ly/2u5sW #
  • @t_rave U are welcome. I wish I could have extended all m existing domains at that rate :) in reply to t_rave #
  • Back in CO after 11 days in Germany. Re-entry into a whole other world that I chose to be my home. Got my weather back :) #
  • Very happy with SpamSieve. It creates a rule for Mac Mail any time I hit a shortcut. That's 0.2 secs vs. 1 minute. Best find in a long time #
  • VW cut a lot of corners to get the sticker price of the Jetta down. Cheap suspension & interior. Low tech engines. Certainly not my ride. #
  • @pamdodd VW is positioning the Jetta against the Civic and the Corolla. To me the Golf is the much better car now. in reply to pamdodd #
  • Man shot in head, but notices only 5 years later http://ht.ly/2vdDL #
  • I list of what to pack for burnig man. As if I needed any more confirmation that I'll never go there. Enjoy the dust http://ht.ly/2vei0 #
  • I bought a 4GB WIFI SD Card from Woot for $30. It came with a $79.99 sticker from Best Buy on the packaging :) #
  • Open air country music down the street. Ruining my afternoon on the patio. Next time please let me know if you open the acoustic sewer pipes #
  • @DarrellBrogdon I'd be in a mental hospital by now. tied to a wheelchair ;) in reply to DarrellBrogdon #
  • Eddie Palmieri and his band are setting the stage on fire at the Arvada Center for Performing Arts. Fireworks on 8/28! #
  • David Rudisha: 800 meters in 1.41.01 today in Rieti, Italy. That is very fast. World Record. #

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