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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • 30 years ago Maggie Thatcher took over as prime minister. Imagine being her husband for second – just don’t get stuck on a horror trip ;-) #
  • A group of UN experts is dividing the North Pole: Russia, Canada, USA, Norway, Denmark are the poker players. Who gets Santa’s workshop? #
  • Personally I’d give the North Pole to Africa. This way they could send the Robert Mugabe’s of this world up there to have some quality time. #
  • Something is happening on Friendfeed. Big increase in new followers. There is certainly some logic to the math – I just haven’t found it yet #
  • How much time have you spent on Facebook quizzes last week? Is there possibly a better way to spend your time than taking an IQ test on FB? #
  • @DavidSpinks Thanks for the insight. Now I know where that Friendfeed activity is coming from. I knew it wasn’t some overnight stardom ;-) in reply to DavidSpinks #
  • @tormodh I won’t take any IQ tests. It would be too embarrassing. Most of my friends would start talking extra slow to me afterwards. in reply to tormodh #
  • I’m at Amante’s in Boulder. A woman sits down next to me, eats a sandwich & starts smacking. Now she reads her emails loud.Not good.I am out #
  • @LynBlue TGreat wisdom. Twitter could be construed as one big IQ test. Created by the mice who rule the universe ;-) (>>Douglas Adams) in reply to LynBlue #
  • I just got a different car and stuck breast cancer awareness license plates on it. People look at my like a stole the car. #
  • How about some of you guys befriend @fllawnt on FB? He just signed up. His page is here: http://twurl.nl/jt37am I guess it’s #followmonday #
  • How come Microsoft’s most sophisticated icon is for error reporting? Maybe a Mac designed helped out a little? #
  • A 7 year old Swiss girl finds a condom in her bag of McDonalds french fries. It was actually part of the “happy meal combo”. I kid u not. #
  • @angelabrooks My imagination is taking off – wondering how the condom ended up in the french fries. But I’ll spare you my theories ;-) in reply to angelabrooks #
  • @angelabrooks McDonalds is always great in providing surprises for the little ones. Let’s see what Ronald McDonald packs in ur next bag ;-) in reply to angelabrooks #
  • I’m in LA. In an area that is 90% Hispanic. 7AM. It is the day after Cinco de Mayo. The moon is less deserted than this place… #
  • @sueissilly Dublin after St. Patrick’s day is a busy market place compared to this ;-) in reply to sueissilly #
  • @SmithWill Not too much urban adventure this time – just a total patchwork family funeral. I’m in East LA. Not the area I’d usually hang out in reply to SmithWill #
  • A couple in Saudia Arabia decided to marry their 10-yr old girl to a 26-yr old man. The father didn’t want her to end up as an “old” virgin #
  • Paris Hilton admits in court that she doesn’t know who receives or pays here bills. She has never seen one of the cell phone bills either… #
  • Got anything in the Automotive world for sale? FIAT is trying to buy everything right now.Of course they have no cash but still worth a call #
  • @RobertGirandola Retail would get another major boost if we’d all shop till we drop. But where do u put all that stuff once u’re homeless? in reply to RobertGirandola #
  • @RobertGirandola Here parents have bought are lifetime prepaid plan at the time of her birth.Of course she doesn’t get to see her phone bill in reply to RobertGirandola #
  • One person was wearing a face mask on a flight from LA to Denver last night. Nice replacement for missing Grey’s Anatomy ;-) #
  • Correction: 2 unoffical wifes – not 2 dozen. Still a nice collection for South Africa’s new prez #
  • @elizrn @pamdodd @kerrymdavis Some guys in Utah might be watching Mr. Zuma’s inauguration, thinking: That could be me :-) in reply to elizrn #
  • I had a PT Cruiser as a rental car this week. Whoever designs, produces and sells junk like this should not be in the car biz. #
  • @maxandcats I felt like an oil tanker captain in the ocean when I tried to turn with the PT. A ’61 Town Car handles better on a parking lot #
  • @gassho They put some Mercedes parts in some of them. There was a CDI at least in Europe. But the cheap rental car version truly sucked. in reply to gassho #
  • @gassho True. I forgot – that PT thing as guzzler as well. I get better mileage out of my SL500 – that’s pretty pathetic. in reply to gassho #
  • @maxandcats I’d rather drive a GEO as well;-) But the kid is still rotten spoiled. Bitching about a free car. in reply to maxandcats #
  • @maxandcats Tell him to chop the top off. It will make for a great flower pot in the front yard ;-) in reply to maxandcats #

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