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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • 33 Cool and Creative Bus Stop Advertisements | Bored Panda http://ht.ly/2VjV1 #
  • FIFA: U are totally corrupt & dictate by creating fear. U should beware of renegades. Eventually ur empire might actually come to an end. #
  • Integrating Twitter with WordPress really did turn into a big pain in the neck. Creating an APP & entering all these number. Time consuming #
  • Guggenheim – A biennial of creative video – Yutube Channel. I think their selection of 25 videos sucks http://ht.ly/2WNqw #
  • I gave my garage door a little halloween makeover. It is very funny to see the reactions of the neighbors: http://ow.ly/i/4Kgb #
  • @DarrellBrogdon I wish we were neighbors. We could have something span from one door to the next :) in reply to DarrellBrogdon #
  • Do I need FaceTime for Mac? Not unless someone takes my Skype away. #
  • @nerfsqueezer No u can't (yet). But I have more control over who I show my face to via Skype. It's a privacy thing. in reply to nerfsqueezer #
  • @DarrellBrogdon Right on :) in reply to DarrellBrogdon #
  • @nerfsqueezer My Skype list is rather private. It is not in everyone's Rolodex. My email and phone is pretty public – anyone can reach out in reply to nerfsqueezer #
  • @msitarzewski Yes of course. But I remember your pretty face well & not seeing it on FaceTime would encourage me to have a face to face:) in reply to msitarzewski #
  • @nerfsqueezer I hear u. But declining is not my cup of tea & another email complicates my life even more. I can be a slow adapter at times;) in reply to nerfsqueezer #
  • As for all these pre-recorded election greetings: that's when FaceTime would come in handy. I want to see that robot & look it in the eyes #
  • I wish ATT's iPhone plan wouldn't be soooo expensive. I pay $85 at T-Mobile and my unlocked phone works just fine. ATT is about $50 more :( #
  • I just opted out of all yellow page deliveries. It only took 3 minutes to do so: http://ht.ly/2XVbl #
  • @darrellbrogdon Thank u. I passed it on to our team member Amanda. She is the genius who told me about it. I am lucky to know smart people. in reply to DarrellBrogdon #
  • A thief in Iran had his hand amputated in public. Barbaric. Re-integrating people into society is still an estranged concept to many :( #
  • @msitarzewski It is a lot of dough for kool-aid. I rather get a 4G off Craigslist and just hold it in my hand once in a while :) in reply to msitarzewski #

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