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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • Crowdsavings Denver has an interesting deal today: eyelash perm for $22. Come on guys: don't be scared and let's see the results :) #
  • My vote is in. I stuck my ballot in the mail today. I have a feeling we might see some strange propositions passing this year. #
  • Don't bet everything on it. 2012 Mayan apocalypse calculation might be totally off – it could even have happened already http://ht.ly/2ZFJU #
  • Should u rent rooms to celebrities that wreck your hotel? Absolutely. Let them do their "gorilla" marketing for you. #charliesheen #
  • All Mel Gibson costumes are sold out for Halloween :( I think if I just curse and insult everyone people might still get the point. #
  • Nestor Kirchner dead at age 60. Shocker. Now his widow will have to show her true leadership skills and show much game she really has. #
  • In case u are shopping for a "Lancia Grand Voyager": Now u can have one. Fiat is folding Chrysler Europe into the Lancia brand. Weird move #
  • Most of Boulder will be out of power this afternoon. There is nothing to worry about: The Apple store is not affected. Genius Bar everyone:) #
  • @pugofwar Just gotta have your priorities straight and always look at the bright side of life :) in reply to pugofwar #
  • Firefox was my default browser for many years. I just switched the default to Chrome. I feel like I'm cheating and/or getting divorced #
  • Hats off to everyone that went to the rally in DC today. Way to make a statement! #
  • @judyajifu Firefox is very resource intense with all the extensions I am running. I hope that my overall performance will increase w. Chrome in reply to JudyAjifu #
  • What exactly does Happy Halloween stand for? I hope someone is going to scare the sh*t out of you? #

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