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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • I played with Outlook 2011 for Mac for two days. I am back to Mail. It doesn't integrate well enough with OSX, iLife & iWorks (iPhoto) #
  • @pixelbaron Thanks. Haven't heard of it yet. I'll definitely look into it. I always liked T-Bird but their development speed is too slow. in reply to Pixelbaron #
  • @pixelbaron Does Postbox include an instant view of attachments as in Mac Mail? Can I set iPhoto to send pics through Postbox by default? in reply to Pixelbaron #
  • @pixelbaron I will. Seeing attachments within the mail is a key feature to me since I get a ton of drafts for graphics to review. in reply to Pixelbaron #
  • Is there a stronger non-stick material than teflon? That's what Silvio Berlusconi must be covered in. http://ht.ly/33gcK #
  • 60% of all German men are overweight (vs. 43% of women). Fast food and computers have obviously arrived. #
  • I am wondering if we are changing into a 2 1/2 party system. A party within a party could make for some interesting dynamics. #
  • Office politics? Teenagers? Relationship struggles? Football? Neighborhood fights? The mid-terms are over. Pick ur drama #
  • Nice surprise: I disputed an item on my credit report. Transunion took 16 hours to reply & remove it. I expected it to be 2 months. #
  • @kierrakaib5883 I can tell a spammer from someone that provides me with information I care about. in reply to KierraKaib5883 #

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