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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • The world will be in good shape again once Sebastian Vettel has more clicks on YouTube than Justin Bieber. #
  • What's ur mix between promoting urself or ur business and getting some actual work done? I little less self-marketing could go a long way #
  • @timbrauhn NorthSocial offers some helpful FB apps. We don't use them since we have the in-house staff to program these apps ourselves in reply to timbrauhn #
  • @timbrauhn U are welcome. As I said if u have a programming crack or two around u won't need them. For anyone else it is very useful stuff in reply to timbrauhn #
  • Apparently Vail and Beaver Creek could both use a few snow flakes. Base: 0". Lifts open: 0. Other areas nearby have 40-50" of snow. #
  • @snowdotcom I am no expert but I checked at the Denver post. This might be a bit misleading: http://www.denverpost.com/ (right column) in reply to snowdotcom #
  • As for the guy who shot his TV during Mrs. Palin's dance performance: How many guns is the average bi-polar American allowed to own? 5? 10? #
  • We mapped out the new conceptbakery site. It will be a big step. New look, fully mobile compatible, new content. No launch date set yet… #
  • I've played with Android (MyTouch) for the last 10 days & I am fairly shocked about much less intuitive it is compared to the IOS 4. #

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