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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • The Wall Street Journal plans to charge per article now. I am wondering when they will begin to charge per tweet. We should all do so :-) #
  • @citygirlgvl But then isn’t Rupert Murdoch the guarantor for independent quality content himself?He has proved himself over & over again;-) in reply to citygirlgvl #
  • @toyotasales No refunds at WSJ. You get to leave a comment for free. Buying a secret bag of goodies is one of the great experiences in life. in reply to toyotasales #
  • @z3rr0 I think it is just a matter of habit for people in the financial industry and investors to look at it as their primary source of info in reply to z3rr0 #
  • @DaveTaylor @zerr0 Gosh. It is only Monday morning & we are fighting already? Dave is just protecting his investment in Newscorp;-) in reply to DaveTaylor #
  • @DaveTaylor The WSJ is quality content. I had it on my desk each day for 10 years back in my old days. But the NYT isn’t too shabby either in reply to DaveTaylor #
  • It looks like the Pope fumbled pretty good again today. He spoke at the Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem and forgot to mention a few things. #
  • What is a US soldier with a gun doing at a psychiatric facility for his “co-workers” in Bagdad? Shoots 5 of them. That just sounds so wrong. #
  • One of our video producers has just completed an awesome (as in really funny) video. I need approval from our client before I can share it. #
  • @craigblanton I wish. We have two guys actually running through a carwash in this video. The producer ruined his camera >> water damage :-( in reply to craigblanton #
  • An estimated 200k + Germans & Austrians were directly involved with the Holocaust. 106k were prosecuted. 6,500 were sentenced. Poor numbers #
  • Justice is much more effective in China. If you have 200k suspects at least 400k are being sentenced to death. #
  • Craigstlist.org: “unable to process request, please try again”. Something is rotten in the State of Mr. Craig… #
  • @littlefoxy The craigslist error was just a little glitch – didn’t last long. Mr. Craig usually has his act together. #
  • A German trash collector found a children’s bed in the trash and took it home. He got fired for taking it. Is that bizarre or what? #
  • I didn’t know you could “steal” trash. But apparently the recycling company is looking at this as a loss;-) Poor guy. #

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