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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • Amnesty International is growing more important for us. Human rights violations are much more present these days. Hard to look the other way #
  • @darrellbrogdon One of AI's achievements is that people even know that human rights exist. We need more awareness for why they matter though in reply to DarrellBrogdon #
  • @darrellbrogdon We are being confronted with human rights more and more since we are deeply emeshed with countries seriously violating them in reply to DarrellBrogdon #
  • 113,000 party officials in China were fined for corruption in 2010. Some countries don't even hand out that many parking tickets. #
  • Neat: I just registered a domain at Godaddy for $1.67 – Coupon: NEWYEAR11 – http://itsallfreeonline.com/godaddy-coupon-code/ #
  • Finally I'll get to test my new tires on snow. I thought it was never going to happen. #
  • @staintalk My #cleaning #resolutions are to do a better job delegating and tell others to clean up after themselves :) #
  • Someone should stand next to the gift card stand at the grocery store. Everyone that grabs a Zynga gift card should get zapped :) #
  • Could we have a moratorium on reality TV shows in 2011? We could use that time to smarten up and be in better shape by the end of the year. #
  • @zard :) A 1st step could be to enforce a small window showing PBS, Discovery or History channels as in: "u should rather watch this" ;) in reply to zard #
  • Happy Thanksgiving! How about that? Time for the Holidays! That's at least what the retailers will be telling us in 4 weeks from now :) #
  • Accuweather is currently reporting 46F for Westminster, CO. Wishful thinking. The ice is clearly NOT slowly melting. It's 15F max :) #
  • @jackassletters I'll acknowledge that day when the "Valentine's Sucks" parties get more traction than all the red rose/chocolate nonsense :) in reply to jackassletters #

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