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Twitter musings from the past week

by Klaus
  • White is supposedly the hot color for cars. I still feel like getting a roll of red tape out & put red crosses on them. That’s just me ;-) #
  • @MegzyTred This is something I’d go for as well. For most cars it is silver, grey or black 4 me. I am a little particular in that department in reply to MegzyTred #
  • Did u know there is a whole underworld in Las Vegas – happening in the sewage channels beneath town? Shocker. http://www.beneaththeneon.com/ #
  • @tawnypress You are just amazing in how much stuff you digg out every day. I don’t need an iPhone app for pets, though. Thanks for sharing! #
  • How depressing: Imagine you sit in Guantanamo Bay and NOBODY wants to have you – just because you feel like blowing a few things up… #
  • @tawnypress Nope I am not at SXSW. I can’t drag myself from one party to another for a whole week ;-) Maybe next year…the older the… in reply to tawnypress #
  • I checked out the new 17″ Macbook Pro yesterday. Slick machine. But I like the old keyboard soooo much better. #
  • @RaymondAaron Nice joke;-)The battery that suddenly doubled its size in my Macbook wasn’t too superb.The new Mac Mini is a peace of junk too in reply to RaymondAaron #
  • @RaymondAaron Of course most of Apple’s product is outstanding – in quality and price. #
  • @tedbarbeau What u describe happens with a lot of thing Apple does. Started when they dropped floppy drives. Changes take time to settle in in reply to tedbarbeau #
  • New housing in Feb in the US up 22% from a year ago. You get foreclosed and just build another home? Does it include sand castles? #
  • I am well & alive. Just In case u think I am sitting in an Irish pub with a pitcher of green beer since 5AM this morning. No U2 today either #
  • Pope says that condomes actually worsen the Aids problem in Africa and that abstinence is way to go. Eggs Benedict seem to be the solution. #
  • @CarrieGee Maybe I should go to the pub and ask for forgiveness there. Some Catholic Irish boys might want to hear my confession ;-) in reply to CarrieGee #
  • @pamdodd I am just glad that I don’t have any first hand experience with those not so abstinent priests. Let’s keep it that way :-) #
  • Drastic rule changes in Formula One racing: http://is.gd/nIcQ Driver with most wins to win the championship. Viva rambo! #
  • @FMFblog If Formula One follows NASVAR’s lead we’ll have a little problem. At least their drivers won’t fit into the F1 cars ;-) in reply to FMFblog #
  • @Sopan I have many secret love affairs. F1 only being one of them ;-) in reply to Sopan #
  • @Sopan Still trying to get into the Gothic Theatre on Saturday night. Why I am torturing myself with that music? It’s what you do as a dad. in reply to Sopan #
  • This might alienate 1/2 of my followers & put a big dent in my career. I just launched a truly personal blog: http://klausholzapfel.com #
  • @jsteig Wait. There is much more to come :-) I am 43. I have a lot of stuff to write about… in reply to jsteig #
  • @designspring A lot of my posts are highly debatable. But some people might relate: Been there done that Or: never thought about that before in reply to designspring #
  • @pamdodd Thanks for the encouragement Pam. That’s just the beginning & will hopefully lead to some good conversation. in reply to pamdodd #
  • Natasha Richardson declared brain dead after skiing accident. I thought she was in a beginners skiing class? Something doesn’t add up here. #
  • @mrslilac2360 Take a look at this: http://is.gd/nSpG in reply to mrslilac2360 #
  • @njpaust I ran over 10 beginners by accident one time 30 years ago. The teachers almost beat me to pulp. But I wasn’t involved this time. in reply to njpaust #
  • I just got the following blog comment: “prkvxj zicewoth wqdmysi mbek werf cszkomitf xmnk” Not exactly sure on whether to approve it :-) #
  • @FMFblog Might be some secret lingo that could be really deep. I am just having a hard time to decipher it. I am not a linguist ;-) in reply to FMFblog #
  • @dannybrown That’s exactly what I am thinking. Blowing aliens off could be really fatal for my future life. #
  • @heyjude408 Why are trees always so mean to skiers? Their way of fighting back? Note to trees: I am the nice guy.I water ur friends each day #
  • There is just one problem with the AIG bonuses:Why isn’t everyone in that country on that list.Shouldn’t we all get a little 7 digit amount? #
  • Google to provide Sony with 500,000 books for its ebook reader (for free). Read one per day and you are done in 1370 years. Easy. #
  • @askbillmitchell You are at about my pace then. We should start a book club! in reply to askbillmitchell #
  • @askbillmitchell Careful. Haven’t you watched the movie: “You don’t mess with the Oprah?” in reply to askbillmitchell #
  • @JebDickerson If that coffee makers exists then I know that Starbucks doesn’t have it. They are still working on the burned coffee subject. in reply to JebDickerson #
  • Facebook’s users aren’t too thrilled with the new layout. At least 94% aren’t. Wondering how that will play out. Zuck, u listening? #
  • Looking forward to Denver Likemind tonight. @jebdickerson is hosting. More info at http://denverlikemind.com/ I feel likeminded already;-) #
  • Busy days. After launching klausholzapfel.com this week I’ll be launching another site on Monday.Tons of work for SouthAfricaProject as well #
  • @michaelg If I change things in my business model and 94% of all people tell me it is crap I’ll run to a therapist and crawl in her lap ;-) in reply to michaelg #
  • @michaelg It can be hard to help someone without a phone number. Mr. Facebook wasn’t listed in the Yellow Pages the last time I checked ;-) in reply to michaelg #
  • Are any therapists on Twitter doing actual work on clients via DM already? Sounds nuts? We’ll sure see that sooner or later. Yes it’s nuts! #
  • @lynj65 I was glad no one said: Yes I am doing it. Therapy & Twitter really don’t go together. Looks like twittershrink.com is still avail. in reply to lynj65 #
  • New personal blog post: http://tinyurl.com/cqkudy Learn about the struggles I had with a passion of mine ;-) #
  • @smball804 Thanks! The movie was great. I prefer The Japanese original over the Richard Gere version. Been there done that ;-) in reply to smball804 #
  • @jmmyers Any time! Following my dream(s) is a constant effort for me. Passion doesn’t come to my doorsteps. I need to take the initiative. in reply to jmmyers #
  • @texaszman It is an inconvenient truth for some: Not everything in life needs to be Americanized ;-) #
  • 150k Italians protested agains the mafia in Palermo.. That leaves 58 million innocent bystanders. Some of them enjoying the low turnout ;-) #

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