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If I ever need goosebumps…

by Klaus

Who would you guess my favorite artist in the world would be? Wrong!

The man whose music I enjoy the most is named Ivan Lins. He has been on top of my list for quite a while now even though there are many very strong contenders.

Ivan Lins said that he watched a lot of Disney as a child and that is still reflected in how playful his music is. He sings mostly in Portuguese which I don’t understand.

Some of my family members roll their eyes when they hear him singing things like “Na na na na…na na na na…na na na”. He just plays with his voice in a way that shows a ton of artistry.

I am a huge fan of everything Samba and Bossa Nova. I have never been to Brazil but is on top of the list of the countries I’d like to visit.

Ivan Lins has recorded with many of my favorite artists. I mentioned the DVD Overtime by Lee Ritenour before. The 3 songs with Ivan Lins are my highlights. I first came across his song Dinorah, Dinorah on the George Benson album “Give me the night” from 1980. That record hardly left the record player for at least 3-4 months ;-)

If you are interested you might check out his recording with Irakere which shows a unique blend between Brazilian and Cuban music. Unfortunately many recordings available in the US feature the same songs over and over again. But there is still plenty of new material in-between. I only know of few artists who have maintained such high standards over such a long stretch of time. At age 63 Ivan Lins still has plenty of game.

If I need goosebumps I know exactly what to do…

Lucky Klaus has seen Ivan Lins in action three times so far:

  • In Nice at the JVC Festival. He was part of a project lead by Toots Thielemans. The band also featured Eliane Elias and Oscar Castro Neves. The image attached to this article is from that marvelous night.
  • At Royce Hall (UCLA) in a double concert night with Chucho Valdez being the other lead artist.
  • At the Hollywood Bowl one time as part of a big Brazilian night.

Here is the image I mentioned before:

Brazilian Project at the JVC Festival in Nice

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