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My favorite band

by Klaus
  • Our love affair has lasted since I began listening to music.
  • It has always been my favorite band and always will be. Nothing in life is for certain but I don’t see that ever changing.
  • They represent love, peace, hope and fun as opposed to aggression, violence and anger.
  • Their two main song writers have written many of the most memorable songs in the world.
  • They performed their last concert on a rooftop in London.
  • The band stopped performing when I was 4 years old.
  • They created a mania the world hadn’t seen before. Seeing videos of the crowds going wild still give me goosebumps.
  • The band represents an era I am fascinated with on many levels.
  • The band has never been involved in any nasty scandals. At least they were never made public.
  • The band lost its chance to ever reunite in 1980.
  • None of their members would be listed among the best musicians or singers of the world. Chemistry and the quality of their songs lead to their success.

These four boys will always stay in my heart. They have my world a better world. They provided me with happiness at times when I needed it. Their magic still works.

There is no need to even mention their name. You either know who they are or you don’t.

Thanks again for all the joy you brought into my life!

I never really liked the Rolling Stones. To me they are the anti-christ of “my” band. I strongly dislike music promoting aggression such as punk, heavy metal or many flavors of rap. My favorite kinds of music are filled with joy and happiness. Fortunately there is plenty of that around.

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