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Hidden benefits of the 17″ Macbook Pro

by Klaus
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Here is one of the better kept secrets for you: Apple doesn’t market it publicly for liability reasons but they are well aware of it. The 17″ MacBook has been found to be the perfect birth control device.

You think that people glued to Facebook or Twitter are either all single or end up in the dog house due to their inability to recognize the real life individuals in their homes?

Of course you have a point. But how about the guys that actually still manage to lure their partners into a romantic evening despite their attention deficit disorder?

It is no secret that testicles exposed to heat will reduce the sperm production dramatically. Ever felt that hot battery right on your lap? There you have it. You can actually explain to your partner that you MUST spend a few more hours online since you want to be absolutely sure that no accidents are going to happen. Anything beyond 15 hours per day and you are totally on the safe side ;-)

There is even a way to get a new MacBook almost for free
Prolonged exposure to heat can even cause permanent damage to the male reproductive system. In this case your wife or girl friend can get off the pill and you can upgrade to the new MacBook with the savings.

Of course the entire approach works also on some Windows laptops. I’d check the appropriate online forums for the hottest models.

So who is the first one to write a Facebook app for this?

Simply enter the make and model of your LapTop the name of your computer and the app should be able to spit out your fertility level based on your time on FB ;-)

As for men with a vasectomy
You will just be sweating your balls off and have no benefits at all. You’ll just get yelled at for being online at night :-(

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