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My five Covid-19 lists

by Klaus
My Covid-19 Lists

I’ve been doing quite a bit of work on my bucket list during the time we were told to stay at home. I’ve been building a 3D printer and getting and up and running and kept busy in many ways. As a break from the hard work I allow myself to make lists (not a bucket list item). Here are my 5 Covid related lists as of 4/21/2020.

Things I miss

  • Dinner parties with friends
  • Live Jazz concerts
  • Skiing
  • Giving hugs
  • Seeing peoples’ faces
  • Sitting at a coffee shop and grabbing a cup
  • Going to the thrift store
  • Small talk with strangers

Things I don’t miss

  • Traffic jams & dirty air
  • Tasteless & overpriced restaurant food
  • Endless daily distractions due to outbound lifestyle
  • People bragging about their purchases
  • Big crowds
  • Going to movie theaters

What I will miss

  • My 35-year high school reunion
  • Seeing my family this summer
  • 5-Points Jazz Festival :(
  • Getting back to Portugal
  • Visiting Helsinki and Tallin

Things I do

  • Thinking about our future
  • Trying to stay connected
  • Working on my bucket list
  • Uplifting others
  • Cook tasty meals from scratch
  • Work in our yard
  • Follow rules
  • Staying physically active
  • Smile at my girlfriend
  • Using my noise-canceling headphones
  • Print medical supplies with my 3D printer

Things I don’t do

  • Making travel plans
  • Watching excessive amounts of TV
  • Give up
  • Eat junk food
  • Getting a pet
  • Cutting my own hair

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