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Random thoughts on being single

by Klaus

Thinks that suck about being single:

  • Not being able to shop at Victoria Secret – because you can’t just hand lingerie to the next person down the street.
  • Not being dragged into watching chick flicks any longer – I kind of like most of them.
  • Having to pay for massages.
  • Not being able to look at least one woman’s butt without being called a creeper.
  • Looking at the stats that tell you that married people have a longer life span. If eternal life comes with total boredom I’d pass on this one.
  • Having to think about who to share all your amazing moments or stories with.
  • Balanced decision making: Yes I can decide everything on my own now but it feels rewarding to reason, compromise and to know you are on the same page with your partner.
  • Going back into the past and looking at old pictures. It refreshes my memories of the 80’s and my horrible hairdo and “fashion slips”.

This is not a complete list. I just thought I throw a few things out some of you could relate to;-)

While going through this process I am learning a lot about myself. I am not the same single any longer that I was 6 years ago. I have more choices.

Being single is also very humbling for me. I tended to put myself above others because I compared my relationship with my wife to  theirs – and of course our one was so much better. By now we know differently…

The price for being single is not having the connection with that special someone in my life.

I am using this time to take a very close look at what’s next for me in my personal life – without any strings attached. I could be faking it and say “hurray” I can do whatever I want. But that wouldn’t be genuine.

Fortunately I know myself better than that. And that helps me to figure things out.

I stated in an earlier post that there is good loneliness and bad loneliness in my book. I am having a bit of both in my life right now.

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