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A world without nukes – yes please

by Klaus
Enola Gay B29

Last week we were presented with the news that the US are leaving the INF treaty.  This agreement was banning the possession of land-based short and middle distance nuclear weapons for the US and Russia . Yes there was some lying on the Russian side about the development of their new missiles and the range about it. At the end neither side was interested in maintaining this contract any longer. The world has moved on and bilateral agreements between the USA and what was then the Soviet Union have become rather obsolete. A number of other “players” have emerged that were never part of these treaties. We are now facing a world with potentially dozens of nations being armed with nuclear weapons of various capacities. It’s a ticking time bomb that could lead to humans finally putting a successful end to destroying our planet.

I’m kind of opposed to that idea. All my nihilism only goes that far.

Right now the rest of the world is just shrugging its shoulders. 190 countries signed the NPT treaty aka Treaty of the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons. It acknowledges 5 countries with nuclear weapons but today we have at least 9.

The Paris climate agreement has shown that the unthinkable is possible and countries around the globe can agree on something rather comprehensive and essential to the existence of humankind.

The issue of nuclear weapons is no less important but I also think it is easier to resolve. Imagine all the countries without nuclear arms would unite and demand of the other nations to get rid of theirs. All of them.

How about threatening countries that want to hold on to their nuclear arsenals or not agreeing to full oversight in dismantling them? I’d suggest a full economic boycott. Is that possible when China and the US are holding nuclear weapons? I’d argue yes. This process could lead to a whole new world order which is badly needed anyway.

Yes, I’m obviously thinking big here. It’s awfully complicated since alliances would need to be formed that don’t exist yet. Maybe Germany and Japan could spearhead the efforts. The coalition would have to include a lot of countries that won’t appear to be natural allies at first. But then again: look at the Paris agreement as a precedent.

I still think it could be done. The idea should have widespread support. What would a survey about nuclear weapons look like for all humans living on planet earth? Let’s give them what they want.

In essence the Trump administration gave us a good reality check last week. I consider it a call to action. The solution will not come from Russian or American leadership. It will require significant outside initiative and pressure to get things moving. I’d quote the guys from Portland and say: “Let’s do it”.

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