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Cashing in on a dead man

by Klaus
Michael Jackson Star
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The Michael Jackson funeral story is making me sad & angry. His father sold little Michael to Motown as a young boy. He beat him up. The kid was deprived of his childhood and never had a normal life. Now the the King of Pop is dead and Joe Jackson can’t resist to squeeze more money out of his son. The rumors are now for a big farewell concert at the Staples center. This is all about business. Father Jackson is promoting his new record label at a time that should be reserved for mourning the loss of his son. How about some self criticism? How about just a little bit of decency?

Are we really looking at funerals as revenue streams from now on? It is bad enough that wedding pictures are being auctioned away to the press. But a funeral is an entirely different event.

I feel like going to my bank and ask for a pre-funeral payout based on the future revenues of my passing away. The value should be based on my number of Facebook friends, Twitter followers and LinkedIn contacts.

People who are terminally ill have that option. But we might as well open that door to everyone.

A bank can then go to AIG and insure themselves against the case that my online popularity drops.

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