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My reasons why Halloween sucks

by Klaus

This is late for 2011 but still got for 2012.  Commercially Halloween is the 2nd largest Holiday in the US. The average American spends $72 on Halloween. For what?

1. Lame costumes
A lot of adults want to have some Halloween fun. The problem is that their creativity did get killed between the ages of 4 to 6. They are also afraid to stick out in any way which defeats the purpose of dressing up. So they play it safe and buy a generic pre-made costume or do a 20% dress up by wearing a silly hat. Or better, they wear a football jersey and looks just as inspiring as throughout the entire year. Here are some places to look at for inspiration: The occupy guys on Wallstreet had some creative costumes. There was also a guy dressed up as an iPhone, someone that created a see-through effect by using 2 iPads or another lad dressed up as a camera (that actually worked). That’s what I am talking about. It doesn’t have to be that elaborate. you can create things on a budget.  Also: if you wear a costume, don’t just stand there. Do something, connect with people, make it fun. Or just keep your sweatpants on and sit Halloween out.  Personally I love theme parties. It is a great way to challenge people to be creative and have some fun. We all need to stay arts or revive our artiness if it has been in hiding due to us growing up the wrong way.

2. Really sucky candy
The suckyness of the candy could actually kill it for their manufacturers. Here is how: parents are aware of the low-quality crap that is being handed out. Many of them don’t want their kids to eat it because they fear the trip to the dentist or aren’t too fond of their kids turn diabetic by the age of 12. What’s the way out? Some parents buy that crap from their kids. What happens next? They’ll save it and hand it out next year. Eventually we’ll all go full cycle. Candy will be given out but not eaten any longer. Due dates won’t matter. It will actually help if it is labeled as expired. The kids get money from their parents and can buy some organic, low-sugar, no-fat and gluten-free cookies or load their iPads with some math and science tutorials instead.

I’ve been thinking about playing the evil candy monster and hand out some stuff that actually fastest like something (Kinder Schokolade, Ritter Sport, some Belgium Butter Cookies…). Of course the kids would all get hooked and never talk to their parents again if they continue to by them the regular junk from the isles.

3. Haunted houses
With our looming debt crisis and the most incompetent bundle of presidential candidates in recent history we already live in a scary enough place. Do we need haunted houses at this time? We spend big bucks on standing in line, freeze you buns off and listen to someone swinging a chainsaw in the dark when all you have to do is turn on the TV and watch a presidential debate?

Full disclosure
I am spoiled by having visited the Carnival in Cologne. Half of our company is located over there and I have seen dress-up parties that put everything in the US to shame. We have a lot of catching up to do.

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