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Questions to Paul Ryan before he can have my vote

by Klaus

Venting alert: today I am not censoring myself. I am not being polite. I am letting it all out. Because I can’t always suck it up. I am very disappointed in what the Republican party has turned into. They have become a club of extremists. They put shame on our country. In any other Western civilized society they’d be reduced to 10% of the total vote. So here come my blog post:

I know the world is waiting for me to give Paul Ryan his blessings. Before I can do so I have a couple of questions for him though.

  1. There are these crazy women out there that actually want control over contraception and even have the option to chose abortions. Things got really out of hand over the last 70 years. Unfortunately that’s the vast majority of all females in this country. What your plan for those bitches? Guantamo Bay? A bonfire?
  2. You are opting for the rich to pay less taxes. I don’t understand that half-hearted approach. Why not waive taxes for them entirely and actually give them a little extra money? With your concept of trickle-down economics we would all be better off if those guys would get a little break.
  3. You only have three children and are already 42. That raises some eyebrows. Are you a hypocrite that actually practices forms of birth control yourself? When are you going to complete the dozen?
  4. You opt to keep military at its current levels. Is it really enough to just avoid the proposed cuts? How are we supposed to conquer the world and smoke out the muslims, atheists, Russians, Chinese and the likes if we don’t step it up a notch?
  5. As for the medicare vouchers: wouldn’t it be cheaper if anyone that reaches 65 kills themselves or at least does so as soon as medical complications arise? You have a very intriguing way to sell your concepts and maybe you could work a little on that? As a little side effect you’d also become president a little sooner since Mitt wouldn’t complete his term. You can’t expect those people to vote for you once they learn that the voucher system includes certain pitfalls and you’d only benefit from them being gone.
  6. Your net worth is estimated to be between 2-7 million $. That seems rather low for a career politician that  hasn’t held a private sector job in decades. Have you actually been avoiding the regular path to wealth for congressmen?  How do you justify that?  Isn’t a good capitalist supposed to make every dime he can, so he ends up paying less taxes and can help society more by spending it wisely? Sounds like you might be a half-hearted trickle downer with an ounce of social consciousness in your body. Doesn’t that dilute your message?
  7. How is praying with Mitt coming along? Are you both in agreement that both the Bible and the Book of Mormons are full of utter nonsense (snakes & apples vs. Jesus visiting the Americas and baptizing the dead)? Or do you actually trying to convert each other?
  8. What are you telling the pope when he lectures you on social justice? He is pretty good in setting on a chest of gold and telling everyone to show solidarity with the needy. Are you asking him for his playbook?

Thanks very much in advance for taking the time to answer these questions. I am sure your answers will come to my full satisfaction and there will be nothing else left in the way to give you my vote. You still can’t have my vote for the presidential elections but I’ll vote for you being the most misguided politician of the year. I hope that’s ok with you.

Final words:
Do we spend too much in comparison to how much revenue we have? Absolutely. Mr. Ryan and I are in full agreement until then. Beyond that point I’d pretty much do everything the opposite way he does. And no I am not talking about socialism. We need some drastic changes that will require sacrifices from all of us. Fixing our country won’t come without a price for everyone to pay. Our solutions ought to be based on moderated (social) capitalism. That’s where the center of our political spectrum is and that’s what people want. Ultra-neo-conservatism is really only a recipe to quiet the dogmatics at the far right. Anyone with just a little compassion for the little guys won’t fall for it. Thank high power there is still a slight majority for that.

And pleeeeeaaaaase leave Religion out of it. I can’t take anyone for a savvy decision maker that bases his decision making on religious scriptures that are full of irrational stories and that can be interpreted in 100’s of different ways. Be non-religious at day and turn to your religious beliefs in your spare time.

To all moderate Republicans: I feel with you. Don’t stay silent. You are needed to shape the future of this country. The Democrats certainly don’t have all the answers  either.

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