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Speeding tickets – done wrong

by Klaus
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The police in our neighborhood is always on the watch for guys who don’t know their favorite hangout spot. They score every couple of minutes.

Getting a speeding ticket is humiliating. Everyone gets to see you and judge you for your shortcoming. The policeman/woman might be friendly or just might add to your misery if they have a bad day. Either way they are handing you a bitter pill. You also get the privilege to support the community with your fine.

So far so good. With some variations that is pretty much standard procedure in all countries I’ve been at so far.

Here is what is different in the US and what makes me mad:
A ticket is being reported to the insurance company and your premium goes up. So you are being punished twice and you are being reminded for a long time about your mistake. Insurance companies end up making money because of a mistake you made. You already paid your fine. This really sucks!

I should mention that I live in the United States since 1997 and have been lucky enough to never gotten a ticket – well one or two parking tickets. I just feel for the other drives – no matter how stupid they behaved. They simply shouldn’t be punished twice for the same mistake.

I like the German system much better: If you screw up you “win” some points. If you exceed a certain number of points you “win” the right to let others drive you around while you get some rest from being behind the wheel.

My dad was at one time one of the top point collectors in Germany. I think he was even listed in the top 10 one time. He was really in a big hurry. But his insurance never went up.

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