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To bang or not to bang

by Klaus

You have most probably heard of the Bang with Friends Facebook App by now. It made the rounds on nearly all social media blogs last week. It let’s you select which of your friends you’d have sex with. If one of those chosen ones decides that “banging” you would be a good idea as well you’d both be alerted and set on your path to eternal happiness.

When I thought it wouldn’t get better than that an app named Bang with Professionals came around. It let’s you pick your objects of desire from your LinkedIn contacts. Not as in “f#ck this guy, he’s an a##hole” but as in “yes, I’d have sex with her/him”.

Pretty cool, eh? Guess how cool it would be if that database gets hacked and someone puts that information in the cloud? Well, it’s in the cloud already, someone would just have to take the wraps off.

So how again do you explain your spouse that you’d have sex with 98 of your Facebook friends and 63 of your Linkedin contacts? How would you explain to your insurance agent, your supervisor or your student that you’d screw him/her? What if someone would click on you just to expose you (I might be evil enough to do that).

Can you see where that is going? The most sleazy celebrity lawyer is not going to get you out of the whole you’d be digging for yourself.

You want to get laid? Yes I am sure there is an app for that. It’s not called  Bang with Friends or Bang with Professionals. If you must be an idiot then at least don’t settle for being a bottom of the pond idiot. Have a little class. Go on a dating site and state your honest intensions. It’s ok to want to get laid. You’ll find someone like minded in no time. But at least you won’t look like an idiot in front of your friends or your professional contacts.

Me? I’ll get myself a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and watch from above who this will all all unfold.

You think I am making this up? Here are the screenshots:
Bang with Professionals

Bang your Friends

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