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Too hot to handle?

by Klaus

Melissa Nelson, a dental assistant in Iowa was fired because her boss stated that she was too sexy and he couldn’t handle it. She worked there for a total 0f 10 years but it took him 9 years to figure that out. That’s when he began “complaining” to her via text messages. It is a mere coincidence that he was also experiencing marriage struggles at the same time. The (all male) judges sides with the dentist in the first and second round in court. The woman lost her job.

I am sure we are all siding with the dentist. Who would want to feel a boner against his pelvis because the doctor is aroused again by his assistant that all out of the sudden gets him aroused over and over again?

Yeah, right. I have a confession to make to the shareholders of BOA and Deutsche Bank. Your management put two hotties on the trading floors where I used to work and this might have cost the banks millions due to the bloodstream irregularities of the male trading staff as soon as those two walked in every morning. It’s a mere miracle that you didn’t loose everything and those banks are still in business.

Maybe it’s time for you to examine your life as well. Are you surrounded by hotties that prevent you to live up to your fullest potential? Look at all of your. Isn’t your teacher looking a little too hot and possible distracting you from your meditation practice during your sessions.

Looks like we are all doomed because of the beauty surrounding us but fortunately there is hope. This interactive chart shows how we are consistently fattening up. Eventually the problem will resolve itself unless you are one of those perverts that is into 300lb meat loafs.

This ruling shows who is still making the calls in our society. We as men are still putting putting it on women if we can’t control ourselves. We have stuff to deal with. As far as I am concerned a woman should have the right to wear whatever she wants or doesn’t want to. I might compliment her on her appearance but then I am moving on. Just because she shows some beauty doesn’t mean it is mine to take and if I can’t stop fantasizing about it I should look at what’s triggering that. It all leads back to one of my favorite common sense principles: whenever I point with a finger at someone there are still fingers pointing in my direction.

Sorry dentist dude, a shrink would have served you much better than the trip to the court house. You lost a loyal reliable employee and still have marriage issues to deal with. That’s quite a pile of rubble. I am not dentist but if I would be I’d offer her a job. Maybe you are a dentist and can do the right thing?

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