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Another lesson in judging – learned at a car dealership

by Klaus
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Most of us dislike shopping for cars. Car dealers are one of the least popular professional groups in this country. They are perceived to be deceiving, pushy, grumpy and many other things.

I was shopping for a car for the upcoming Colorado winter this week. One dealer had just sold a car I was interested in. He offered me to join him at a dealer-only action to get another one like it. It was a positive surprise to be let into the inner circle.

I bought a car and had to go back to the dealership today to sign some paperwork. The dealer’s assistant was filling out all the documents. He was very friendly and knowledgeable. He spoke with an African accent. I asked him where he is from and it turned out to be Kenya. Minutes later we talked about Somali pirates, the Soccer World Cup and Kenyan runners  (he made very clear that he is not one of them). Then his brother joined in and we were all complaining about the cold Colorado winter. We walked across the lot and checked out the other cars. We ended up making fun of some of them and were cracking up.

These guys were awesome and I could sense a high level of integrity.

On my way home I received a call from the assistant. He told me that I dropped a 20-dollar bill. This came from a man who could certainly use an extra $20. He just didn’t want to take it that way. I was blown away.

There goes my perception of car dealers.

I’ll go back tomorrow – not to pick up my $20 but to invite him and his brother for dinner.

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