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by Klaus
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I had two main shifts in my life over the last 5 years.

I met my girlfriend Michelle in August 2013. At this time I simply knew I had met someone special that I wanted to become friends with. Little did I know that this would turn into the most profound partnership of my life. We’ve built a life together that provides a level of joy and comfort that I had not known before. We keep the details of our relationship personal. We share occasional bits and pieces of our lives but if you really want to know how we are doing you have to meet with us. My conversation with Michelle certainly takes place face to face and not through public digital channels. You will not hear about any arguments we might have in digital media.

Another major change in my life occurred between early 2015 and late 2017. My brother and I were approached by a firm in London wanting to buy our digital agency. conceptbakery was not on the auction block but a number of factors led us to close a deal by the end of 2015. These months of negotiating were of course consuming in many ways and none of that conversation would have belonged on social media or a blog. It didn’t take too long until an even larger firm knocked at the door of our new partners to purchase the larger entity. That was another longer negotiating and waiting period that would not be discussed on the public. The ink was finally dry under all these contracts in late 2017 and I decided to leave the big agency world and head to new territories.

I was just at a trade show and many conversation brought up the question: “And what do you do?” My cryptic answer is usually: “I talk to a lot of people and try to be helpful”. Of course that’s very derailing for a conversation where someone tries to report to their supervisors why they spent time talking to me. 

If I’d be more specific the answer would go as follows:

  • I’m still running a (small) digital consultancy.
  • I’m a landlord and taking good care of my tenants is something I take rather seriously. 
  • I’m also a small scale property developer.
  • I’m passionate about water conservation, green energy and other environmental issues.
  • I’m still following all aspects of the transportation world very closely and can talk all day about planes, trains and automobiles.
  • As a mountain property owner I’m interested in improving and advancing the conversation between Boulder County and the Peak to Peak communities.
  • I’m not settling for our societies being stuck and hopelessly divided. I’m dedicated to developing more understanding and compassion for each other on a small and large scale.
  • I’m passionate about traveling to places I wasn’t able to visit when building a business was a top priority and my curiosity about experiencing other cultures couldn’t be satisfied by first-hand experiences. I will dedicate some time to learning excursions around the world. I know what this does to my carbon footprint and will try my best to limit my overall impact. 

I will go into more depth about a few of the points listed above in the future. Please know that I’m not running idle, even though my life has changed in rather substantial ways.

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