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I saw your blog, are you insane?

by Klaus

Hiding behind masksLet me start with two random thoughts on living life in the public eye.

I think it is ironic how politicians and celebrities complain about a lack of privacy, while so many of us throw ourselves into the public eye of social media.

Look at societies without secrets: Are they nuts or are they happy? Does it make a difference if 30 or 3 million people know what’s going on in your life?

A call from a friend
Recently I received a call from a long time friend who came across my blog on Google. She said I must be crazy. Here is how I explained to a non social media person why I chose to start this blog:

  1. My blog initiates conversation with people that can relate to my stories. This includes old time friends as well as new contacts that I’ve been making since I decided to publicly share more of my personal life.
  2. In the past it helped me when I was struggling to know that many others went through similar issues. This put things into perspective for me. In some sense I am paying back some of the debt from my past, by sharing my stories with others in similar situations.
  3. I tell our clients on a professional level to be more personal and offer connection points to their audience. To some extent my blog serves as a showcase. It reveals my struggles and vulnerabilities – yet the feedback is over 99% positive.

Even though I am not afraid to share, there are certain limits. I would never compromise someone else’s privacy by dragging them into my blog without first obtaining their permission for me to publish the post. One example was the announcement of my breakup with my ex-wife. This affected both of us and therefore Rashin had to agree with me publishing the story.

FYI: My private journal that is entirely separate from this blog. The wall between the two is at least 100 feet tall.

I am conscious of when my sharing turns into pure whining and crying out for help – that’s not what I’d like to present to you, either.

There are better communication channels when I need to reach out for help.

Does all of this sharing make me more authentic? I don’t think so. This is just a path I chose for myself. My posts provide a benchmark you can hold me accountable to. That’s where me living an authentic life and having integrity comes into play.

Of course my stories and my truth change over time. I am no longer the person who got thrown into the emotional tsunami of divorce. Some prior posts reflected where I was at that time. Please cut me some slack and don’t be too hard on me. Fortunately, I am not at that place any longer.

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